Jimmy Garrison, Master Bassist

I always loved Jimmy Garrison’s playing, it was really unique and so innovative. He was of course the perfect bassist for the John Coltrane Quartet, and there are many classic recordings you should know, like A Love Supreme, Crescent, Impressions, and Live at Birdland. Here are a couple of lesser known track you will enjoy.  His rhythmic innovations are with us all!

First, the Beautiful Dear Lord, from Transition.  The link mistakenly identifies the drummer as Roy Haynes, while it is most certainly Elvin Jones.

Here’s a track from Elvin Jones’ trio recording The Ultimate, with Jimmy and saxophonist (soprano here) Joe Farrell (an Illinois alum!- concentration in classical flute) in Jimmy’s composition Ascendant. 

Here’s a live video of I Want to Talk About You, with some pretty good sound and a chance to see Jimmy and the group!

And last but not least, Impressions from the television show Jazz Casual. Check out Jimmy’s solo!

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