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Welcome to Larry Gray – Musician and Teacher

For the last several years I”ve joined academia as a member of the University of Illinois School of Music’s Jazz Department, where I have a nice range of teaching activities, including a small jazz ground, a jazz aural skills course for all  jazz majors and other interested students, an improvisation class for non-jazz majors interesting in improvisation and many private students, on bass and guitar, along with other majors. This whole experience, begun in 2007, has been quite rewarding, and eye-opening, coming after thirty plus years teaching in Chicago. I have many plans for the future in my teaching, but I will say it’s going great, and this website/blog is dedicated to all my students, current as well as past and, hopefully, future. If you have any musical questions you’d like to see addressed here, please feel free to email me at “larry@larrygraymusic.com” “lwgray@illininois.edu